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Special Feature - "Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump"

Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump" is a visual protest of the Trump administration featuring 147 artists with over 350 works brought together in a book by Karen M. Gutfreund, Independent Curator. Artists around the United States are raging against Donald Trump in visual protest. "Not Normal" documents this artistic movement in a curated collection. Their outrage is evidenced in full Technicolor on subjects ranging from racism, the Covid pandemic, xenophobia, immigration, promotion of hatred and violence, mistrust of science and facts, misogyny and of course, a narcissism that puts our entire country and world at great risk. While the subject matter is serious, the art is alive with color, detail, and multi-layered messages, and is delivered with an irreverent sense of humor. Protest is Patriotic!


I am honored to have my work included in Karen Gutfreund’s marvelous compendium of visual protest.

“Send in The Clowns/Don’t Bother,
They’re Here” (2018)

This piece is a commentary on the sad state of our current political situation. The conjoined, triad vessel represents the three branches of our government and the wobbling balls symbolize on the spineless, thin-skinned legislators who are running it. I felt that a vessel format was useful in symbolizing the deep pockets that sway legislation in this country - allowing special interests to trump rational decision making.

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